Email marketing to Skyrocket your business

email marketing

Email marketing, as the name sounds a cheap marketing method to spam people. But here is the truth email marketing is not that scary as its sound. If you follow the right strategy and techniques like Live mail preview, spam keyword testing, different browser testing & personalized email campaign etc., then you can get more our of your email marketing campaign. No only more but you will get the real gems as per your business instead of being getting unsubscribers in bulk. This is true that the not every email you send will give you the 100 % results. But if you follow the correct procedure then email marketing be highly beneficial and skyrocket your business directly. Think about it like this way:-

You send 1000 emails to your list without planning anything. So it will turn out into a random amount of blockers, unsubscribers, and negligible results. Instead of doing that if you form a proper email marketing strategy then you can not only target your desired audience but also improves ROI and Conversion rate.

So what to do? , How to do? , when to do?

If you are thinking about sending an email campaign converting thousands of visitors -> prospects -> customers, then you have to rebuild your email marketing strategy from ground zero. Also before that, you must understand the three questions arises above. So let’s take a look.

What to do in Email Marketing?

In email marketing what everyone does is to purchase a hotshot heavy email marketing online software. After that, they choose a prebuild template with simple information edit. After editing the template they upload the list and click send, that’s it. But you, we and all know that email marketing is way more than that. And in this post, we will understand each and every aspect of email marketing in a detailed view. So in what to do in email marketing, I will tell you the steps to perform for better achievement from each and every mail.

Steps to do Email Marketing

  • Create a contact list with Name and Email Id. As only the email id is not enough to target a high conversion growth.
  • Create a personalized subject line including the first name of the each and every contact. As it avoids the mail to get filtered and thrown in the junk folder.
  • Create a simple and elegant email template covering each and every aspect you want your audience to show.
  • Check your email campaign for spam keywords.
  • Also, check your email campaign for how it’s opening in different browsers (totally depends on the email marketing software you use. as I am talking about the interspire).
  • Send a preview test mail to yourself and check each and every link and forms mention in your email.
  • Install autoresponder on your campaign as those who will subscribe to your email via contact form will be filtered in another list.
  • whoosh! send your email.
  • Track your campaign statistics and make changes as per the data.
  • Now, these are the steps to do email marketing. but still, these are for those who know a little bit about email marketing. But if you don’t have a single character idea about email marketing then you must pursue the next section of this post, How to do Email Marketing?

How to do Email Marketing?

As the steps mentioned above will be followed properly to run a successful email campaign. But

  • What is an autoresponder?
  • How to check your email campaign for spam keywords?
  • What is a personalized subject line?
  • How to track statistics and take action according to them?

So to kill your curiosity have a look below.

As per the step 1, you have to create a contact list with name and email id, why ?. Because if you have a contact list with name and email id then you can send personalized email to your every contact. Which will be more appealing and affecting. Rather than sending a name without any personalization.

add a name to contact list in email marketing

Moreover, if you don’t include the name in your contact list then you can’t create a personalized subject line. So its will also get your mail filtered by google nanny and get thrown in the junk folder. In which you mail will expire in 30 days and you will keep waiting for a response for a long time. And as you don’t get the return, then you too start thinking that email marketing is crap! like the majority thinks.

According to step 3, as step 2 is covered in the paragraph above, a highly visualizing hotshot template isn’t required to perform a successful email campaign. Also, the highly dynamic email template will only be slower and take the time to boot up. But what you want is to as soon as a user clicks on your mail, he/she get a glanced view about you in the first look instead of getting confused and click delete after closing it. So a simple and elegant will work.

simple email template

As per the step 4, you must check your email template for spam keywords. Actually, plenty of email users is on Gmail. And as you know Gmail is very security conscious, so Gmail installed an algorithm over their mail server known as Google Nanny. Now what nanny do is to filter those mail containing the spam words like

  • Sale
  • Market
  • Best price
  • Business

etc., and throw the mail directly into the junk folder. And as you know about human beings and their history of laziness. No ones open their junk folder if they aren’t told to. If we talk about you then how many times you open your junk folder when you log in to your mail. So its simple if your mail is junk, it will die after 30 days without giving any results. So be careful about that if your want to extract business from your email.

check your email for spam keyword

Now, according to step 5, you also must check your email for how it’s opening in different browsers. As suppose if you are viewing your mail in chrome and its opening perfectly. Then it is not sure that it will open properly in firefox too. As you know the internet is vivid and if we talk about a small mass of the population, then approximately 10 % each of the bunch will be using a different browser. So if you think that the mail is opening well in your browser so it will open well in other browsers too, then you may be wrong.

Every browser has different algorithms to browse the web. So it may happen that the mail opening in your browser will not open properly in other browsers too. Mean to say photos may clutter or may be dislocated from their original position or the content will not be aligned, and it is on your end only. So it’s important to check mail compatibility for top browsers. And if there is anything wrong then you will get to know before sending your campaign and make it correct.

Check your email for different browsers

So as per the step 6, before sending your email campaign you must send a preview test mail to yourself. So that you can check that how your mail will be delivered to your contact list. As sending a mail is landing your proposal directly at your client’s doorstep. As email marketing is a direct approach so you must check that how your mail will be delivered to others.

check live preview for your email campaign

Install autoresponder in your email marketing software, such that those who will subscribe via your email will be filtered in another email list. Such that it will become easy to differentiate between visitors, prospects & customers.

If everything stands out clear, hit the send button. Transfer your full potential in your email campaign and after sending it to track the statistics like

  • How many emails are bounced
  • How many emails are opened
  • How many emails get a click through rate
check your email campaign statistics

etc., to improve your email marketing strategy day by day.

So here is a start for your email marketing. If you are satisfied by our post then let others know by sharing it, if not then let us know via comment or email.

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